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Taal vlag

Intuition as a guide

The mix of transcendence-oriented techniques that stimulate Oonk’s work are typical for the western spiritual New Age movement of the 70s and 80s. The core idea of New Age, according to writer and curator Mark Pilkington (Frieze, 2017), is that mankind has lost the connection to their spiritual existence to anything higher or larger. The Art Magazine has signalled a revival of the New Age art movement.

Oonk has been experimenting with various techniques that offer her access to the creative and mystical- ranging from bio energetics and tantra, to body scans, readings and guided visualizations. Magic, psychology, imagination, inspiration, concentration – for Oonk this all fits together as she ultimately choses intuition as a guide.

The development in her art is reflected by the enormous social changes which have taken place in the past century: the radical emancipation of the individual versus the collective. In conjunction with the dismantling of authority, the end of great stories, explaining the politics of the individual and the increased interest in psychology in society, in which therapy or healing has become a lifestyle.